Last week James and I went to stay overnight in York for a mini break. I thought I would tell you about the things we got up to while we were there.

looking out to York minister

Dress: NewLook

When we got there were spent some time walking round the city. We went and walked though the Shambles. Which I love to go to every time I’m in York. If you’re a Harry Potter fan they’ve recently open a shop here which is mean’t to be great! We didn’t have time to go as the queues were huge so if that’s something you are wanting to do make sure you leave plenty of time for it. There is also so many other different shops in that area. My favourite being the Fudge Kitchen as I absolutely love fudge and always by a lot to stock up while I’m in York.

While we were walking around we found The York Roast company  who did Yorkshire pudding wraps. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you may have already seen but they were incredible!

We also went to York Minister which is beautiful. Last time we went to York we had chance to go to the top which if you have time I recommend but we were pretty short on time this trip.

For dinner we went to The Cosy club . It was a vintage 1930’s style restaurant which had nice food and great cocktails!

The hotel we stayed it was the Hampton Hilton. The room was really lovely and we got breakfast included which is always a plus when staying in a hotel. The hotel was also really close to the train station which was really convenient for the both of us as we were both travelling by train.


All Photos taken by James Gibson

Last week I made a post about my travel bucket list. If you’ve missed that then you can read it here. It got me thinking about all the places that I used to want to go to but have now had the opportunity to do so. I thought I would create a Reverse Travel bucket list of all the places that would be on my Bucket list now if I hadn’t already done them.

Sydney harbour bridge

1. Australia

Before I went solo travelling in Australia in 2015 ( You can read about this here). I’d wanted to visit Australia to see the beautiful cities as well as the beaches. I wanted to try Surfing, see a Kangaroo and many other things which I got to do while I was there.

Feeding Kangaroo

2. The Great Barrier Reef

One of the main things I wanted to do while in Australia was to see the Great Barrier Reef and go Scuba-diving as this is mean’t to be the best place to Scuba-dive.  I got to do this with a group and spent a few days sailing around the Great Barrier Reef.

Sailing Great barrier reef

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places I’ve visited. The architecture is incredible and there is so many great places to visit like the Sagrada Familia,the Picasso Museum and Camp Nou. There are so many great things to see.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

4. See Wild Dolphins

Dolphins are one of my favourite animals. I have had the chance to see them in captivity before but never in the wild. It had been my goal for some time to just see Dolphins in the wild, but while I was on a trip to Fraser Island I got to not only see wild Dolphins but also feed some river Dolphins. One of the best experiences ever!

 Feeding Wild Dolphin

So these were just a few things that I have been able to tick off my bucket list already. Hopefully I will be able to tick off a lot more in the next few years.

So on Sunday’s I like to catch up with blog posts I haven’t had chance to read throughout the week. This morning while I was doing this I noticed that I always seem to go back to the same bloggers a lot this month. So I thought I would write a post about my favourite blogs of the month.

catching up on my favourite blogs

Annie Writes Beauty

Annie Writes Beauty is the place I go for beauty reviews. Annie does fairly in depth review about certain products or ranges. One of my favourites is the blog post she did about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Em Talks

Em’s blog includes fitness, fashion, beauty and travel as well as other things. One of my favourite blog post she did recently was about the best of leeds restaurant week. This was useful to me as it gave me a lot of inspiration of new places to eat locally.

Rhianna Olivia

What I love about Rhianna is her personal post and blog advice. If you need help from blog props to how to speak to brands and sponsored posts, this is the blog for you. I’ve used so many of her tips to improve my blog. You can see Rhianna’s blog here.

The Kitty Luxe

The Kitty Luxe was one of the first blogs I started to read after finding her on Instagram. Her photography is so good especially as she only uses and Iphone for her photos. As well I just love her style. The blog includes many different categories including Fashion, Beauty, Travel and blogging tips. You can check out the Kitty Luxe here.

Hand Luggage Only

Now this is probably my favourite travel blog. It just makes my wanderlust go extreme! Their photography is incredible and just makes me want to visit so many places I would never have thought about before. There posts are also really informative and give lots of suggestions of what to do while you are in a certain place which is very useful. If you need travel inspiration or advice it is definitely the blog to visit.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently looking online at places I really want to visit. Made me think that I should write a list of places I hope to visit in the next few years. So here is the top 10 places on my travel bucket list.

Uk Passport and coins in different currencies

1. Amsterdam

I’ve thought about going to Amsterdam so many times. I mean its so close and easy to get too. Hopefully I will get to go in the near future. It looks like such a beautiful city I am desperate to go.

2. Chang Mai

Now Chang Mai looks like an incredible city, but the main reason I want to go is to visit the Elephant Nature Park. If you know anything about me I have a complete love for Elephants. This is my ultimate dream to go a volunteer here.

3. Nepal

The main reason I want to go to Nepal is to do the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. I’ve been wanting to do this for the last few years not only to go see Base camp but also for the challenge of getting up there.

4. Bolivia Salt Flats

So this is the worlds largest salt flats and just looks absolutely incredible. When looking at photos it just looks so beautiful and even more so at sunset.

5. Zimbabwe

So there are two main reasons why I want to go to Zimbabwe. First is to go on a Safari. I love animals and it would be nice to see them in their natural habitat. And also to visit Victoria falls.

6. Croatia

There is a few places I want to visit in Croatia like Split and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik especially to go see some of the film locations of Game of Thrones. Recently as well, I have seen a few people go on boat tours around Croatia which also would be something I want to do while I’m there.

7. The Maldives

Now this is one of the ones I don’t see happening anytime soon. The Maldives just looks like paradise and so beautiful. The beautiful beaches and the clear water just looks like the perfect location to de stress and have some relaxation time.

8. Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights there are so many reasons why I would want to go to Iceland not to mention the beautiful cities there too.

9. Whistlers, Canada

Whenever I normally go away, it’s to somewhere warmer rather than colder. Thought this one was a bit different and the scenery looks incredible. I have also never been skiing and have always wanted to try it.

10. Santorini

The buildings, the beaches and the view. There are so many reasons why I want to go here.

So this is my current top 10 places that I want to visit. If anyone has been to any of these places I would love to hear any recommendations. As hopefully I will get to visit soon.

When I went travelling for the first time, I wasn’t very prepared. I’ve now found and heard of so many travel apps I wish I had heard of before I had gone travelling. So I thought I would list my favourite travel apps to help you ( or even remind myself at a later date) when next travelling.


Skyscanner is one of the best apps I have tried to find cheap flights. It allows you to search through thousands of different airlines for some of the cheapest fares. It is best for travellers who are flexible with their dates as well as locations.

Skyscanner not only have an app but a website too.


Kayak is similar to skyscanner as you can search for cheap flights to different locations. You can also as well use the explore tool on the app to find locations you can travel to from your current location on your budget. There is also a feature that I really like on the website that allows you to look for certain types of locations to travel to. This could be anything like amazing beaches, romantic locations and lots of others.

Kayak also has a website. 

kayak flights page travel app


AirBnb is a great app to use to easily find accommodation. This could be anything from a single room to a whole house or for short term or long term lets. AirBnB is easy to use and is great for when you are needing to find last minute accommodation.


Now this is one of the only apps I knew about before I went away. And honestly it was a lifesaver. I am one of the most unorganised people and I would use this app pretty much anytime I would move to the next place while I was travelling. It is great for last minute accommodation especially on a budget.

Hostelworld page travel app

Wifi Finder

Now I have only recently heard of this app and wish I’d found it sooner! This app allows you to find either paid or free wifi easily.


Now this is one of my favourite apps. Not only for travelling but for home too. Foodspotting allows you to find restaurants nearby and tells you where they are, if people loved it as well as photos of the food. One of the easiest way to find good places to eat.

cup and cake on foodspotting travel app