East coast of Australia Transportation Tips

Before I travelled round the East coast of Australia I had no idea about the different options of travel you could take. I went on my own and had barely planned anything (I have wrote a post about solo travel before which you can read about here).I had no idea how to get around or travel between city to city. There are so many different ways to travel and I thought I would write about some of them here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Now Flying is by far the quickest way to travel from city to city in Australia. As for example Flights between Melbourne and Sydney are about 1 and a half hours long. Domestic flights are normally fairly frequent in Australia with many different Plane companies operating services.


Long distance train travel is expensive and not ideal if you are wanting to reach your next destination fast. However they are more comfortable way to travel compared to buses and may be idea for people who do not enjoy flying as much.


Now this is the one I have the most experience with. I travelled from Melbourne all the way up to Cairns using the Greyhound buses. The Greyhound hop on and off buses are fairly inexpensive and give you the option to get off at many different locations along the way as long as its only going in one direction. The downside to travelling by bus is that it takes a lot longer than going by plane for example. However it does mean that you can also stop off at many different towns along the way. Two of the main bus services are Greyhound and Premier.


Hiring a car and travelling round the East Coast of Australia always sounded like a great idea for me unfortunately I can’t drive. It is one of the easiest ways to get by and it means that you can go at your own pace. However just make sure you are aware that you can go long distances and not go past much.