Best sites for group tours

Sometimes when you are going somewhere new or don’t know the area very well tour operaters can be a good way to go. It makes travel simpler and takes all the stress out of planning. Group tours may also be the way to go if you are alone but aren’t ready to travel solo yet. As groups give you the opportunity to meet and be with other people which good be a good option for some people. There are many different tour companies you can choose from here are some of the best ones.

Best sites to find group tours


Sta travel offer a wide range of tours covering all over the world for different lengths of time. If you go into one of the offices they can help you find a tour best suited for you. You can also find details of the tours and type of tour and accommodation for each online or in brochures as well. However sta’s tours are quite expensive compared to if you were going to buy yourself the same things online. But if you are wanting the security of being in a group and it all being organised it may still be worth it.

G Adventures

G adventures do tours all over including the polar regions ( which will now definitely be on my list of places to go). They also have different styles of trips including Active, Rail, Family 18 to 30 somethings and local living. I tried to look online to see if I could find anyone who had a bad experience and I look through loads of reviews and couldn’t even find one bad one. So surely thats a good sign!

Gecko Adventures

Gecko Adventures is a tour company catered for 18-29 year olds. They offer tours for small groups of people where you get to meet the locals.They also do trips to different festivals too such as the day of the dead festival and Canada winter festivals and others. Also if you are over 29 you can use there other tour company Intrepid.


Contiki offer 300+ trips in over 6 continents and are exclusive to 18-35 year olds. They offer 8 different ways to travel including short trips and festivals, discoverer, high energy, in-depth explorer, independent insider, camping, sailing cruise and beach and winter and ski. You also get free time to do your own wandering. Contiki have a reputation for always partying so if that isn’t your thing then their tours may not be for you.


Top deck cover the majority of places however do not go to South America. There tours are mean’t to offer a fair amount of free time so that people are also able to explore on their own as well as in a group. They have over 40 years of experience as well as some award winning tours. They are also are mean’t to have passionate and knowledgeable crew on their tours.


Here are some of the most popular companies to go on travel tours with.