When I went travelling for the first time, I wasn’t very prepared. I’ve now found and heard of so many travel apps I wish I had heard of before I had gone travelling. So I thought I would list my favourite travel apps to help you ( or even remind myself at a later date) when next travelling.


Skyscanner is one of the best apps I have tried to find cheap flights. It allows you to search through thousands of different airlines for some of the cheapest fares. It is best for travellers who are flexible with their dates as well as locations.

Skyscanner not only have an app but a website too.


Kayak is similar to skyscanner as you can search for cheap flights to different locations. You can also as well use the explore tool on the app to find locations you can travel to from your current location on your budget. There is also a feature that I really like on the website that allows you to look for certain types of locations to travel to. This could be anything like amazing beaches, romantic locations and lots of others.

Kayak also has a website. 

kayak flights page travel app


AirBnb is a great app to use to easily find accommodation. This could be anything from a single room to a whole house or for short term or long term lets. AirBnB is easy to use and is great for when you are needing to find last minute accommodation.


Now this is one of the only apps I knew about before I went away. And honestly it was a lifesaver. I am one of the most unorganised people and I would use this app pretty much anytime I would move to the next place while I was travelling. It is great for last minute accommodation especially on a budget.

Hostelworld page travel app

Wifi Finder

Now I have only recently heard of this app and wish I’d found it sooner! This app allows you to find either paid or free wifi easily.


Now this is one of my favourite apps. Not only for travelling but for home too. Foodspotting allows you to find restaurants nearby and tells you where they are, if people loved it as well as photos of the food. One of the easiest way to find good places to eat.

cup and cake on foodspotting travel app





Bondi Beach Australia

So I recently read on O is for Ottilie’s blog, a post about how Solo travel changed her and how she believes everyone should try solo travel once.

So I thought I’d tell you a bit about my experience solo travelling and why you should try it.

Two years ago I was travelling round the East coast of Australia on my own.

Before I went many of my close friend and family had concerns about me travelling on my own. Was I safe? Would I get lonely? And honestly it was the best experience I’ve ever had.

I like Ottilie, feel like everyone should try solo travel once. And if you do need some persuading here are some reasons as to why you should.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset

You meet so many great people

One thing everyone went on about before I left was that I wouldn’t know anyone and I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to.


While solo travelling I met some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. One thing I would say though is stay in Hostels if you are travelling alone, because it is the best way to meet new people.

The first day I got there I did start to get a bit nervous that I wouldn’t meet anyone. But within an hour of getting to my first hostel, I was talking to my room mates and was going out for drinks with them.

This happened pretty much every time I moved on to the next place.

So many people in hostels are on their own. Everyone is wanting to make friends which makes it so easy to have people to talk to.

I even kept meeting up with some travellers in various locations as a lot of people all travel in the same direction on the East coast of Australia.

You can set your own schedule 

Now, I hate doing things I don’t want to do. Like I’m sure the majority of people do.

Travelling on my own was great of me though as it mean’t that I could go off and do activities whenever I wanted. Not only that but I could move on to the next place when I wanted too.

This happened so much. For example I only had planned to stay in Nossa for three days. I loved it so much though that I ended up staying for over a week. It was great because I didn’t have to ask anyone if that was okay and if they wanted to as well. I just did it.

There were certain places I liked more or less than I thought I would. Being on my own mean’t I didn’t have to ask someone if we should go to the next place yet. I just did it.

I absolutely loved the freedom of being on my own.

You learn so much about yourself

When travelling around Australia on my own, I realised how much more confident I was than I thought. How I was able to speak to new people and make friends so easily. I met so many people that I still speak to now and keep up to what they’re doing and where they’ve been.

It showed me how I was capable of, and how easy I could deal with challenging situations.

You learn what it’s like to be completely independent and not rely on others. You learn that how to make all the decisions and not asking someone else what to do. You have to do it all yourself.

Feeding wild dolphins

At Melbourne Luna Park

This was my first time solo travelling, and honestly it was one of the best experiences. Yes there were times I wished someone was there to help me when things were tough but I’m glad I did it. And hopefully I will be able to solo travel again in the near future.