So a couple of weeks ago I did a really quick and last minute trip to Amsterdam. I saw some cheap tickets to take the ferry from Hull to Europoort with P&O ferries and just had to book it. I got the ferry from Hull in the evening and arrived in Europoort at about 7:30 and left again at 9pm. 12 hours may also be an over estimate of how long I actually had in Amsterdam but heres what I got up to while I was there.

Flower Market

When arriving in Amsterdam, two of the things I knew I wanted to see was both the flower market and the Iamsterdam sign. Since I didn’t have a lot of time I decided I was going to go see these things first.The flower market was so beautiful! They were little stalls on floating barges. Some of the stalls didn’t like people taking photos though so just make sure you check first.

Iamsterdam sign

The Iamsterdam sign was so busy. If you are wanting to try take photos it is mean’t to be a lot quieter first thing in the morning.

Iamsterdam sign


I didn’t plan on spending as much time shopping as I did but the shopping in Amsterdam was great. They had everything from high street shops to luxury shops. Local markets and vintage shops. There was so much to look around. I will definitely be coming back but with more luggage space to put things in.

Canal cruise

A canal cruise wasn’t something I had really thought about doing before getting into the city. By the point of doing this, I didn’t actually have long until I had to leave and wanted to see as much of the city as possible which I thought this would allow me to do. Taking the canal cruise mean’t that I saw even more of the city as well as learn a lot of the history about Amsterdam that I didn’t know about. There were so many different tours to go for and most lasted for about an hour.

canal in amsterdam


Oh my god the food in Amsterdam is incredible! I was only there for a few hours and I had so much food. Both fries and waffles.


But the best thing I had was Dutch Pancakes from a place called Pancakes. They had so many different types of pancakes both Dutch and American to choose from. I had a banana and caramel dutch pancake. It’s a must place to go when visiting. I will definitely be going back to try some others next time I’m in Amsterdam.

Pancakes store front

Here are just some things I got up to while I was in Amsterdam. I will definitely be going back. And next time for a much longer time.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently looking online at places I really want to visit. Made me think that I should write a list of places I hope to visit in the next few years. So here is the top 10 places on my travel bucket list.

Uk Passport and coins in different currencies

1. Amsterdam

I’ve thought about going to Amsterdam so many times. I mean its so close and easy to get too. Hopefully I will get to go in the near future. It looks like such a beautiful city I am desperate to go.

2. Chang Mai

Now Chang Mai looks like an incredible city, but the main reason I want to go is to visit the Elephant Nature Park. If you know anything about me I have a complete love for Elephants. This is my ultimate dream to go a volunteer here.

3. Nepal

The main reason I want to go to Nepal is to do the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. I’ve been wanting to do this for the last few years not only to go see Base camp but also for the challenge of getting up there.

4. Bolivia Salt Flats

So this is the worlds largest salt flats and just looks absolutely incredible. When looking at photos it just looks so beautiful and even more so at sunset.

5. Zimbabwe

So there are two main reasons why I want to go to Zimbabwe. First is to go on a Safari. I love animals and it would be nice to see them in their natural habitat. And also to visit Victoria falls.

6. Croatia

There is a few places I want to visit in Croatia like Split and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik especially to go see some of the film locations of Game of Thrones. Recently as well, I have seen a few people go on boat tours around Croatia which also would be something I want to do while I’m there.

7. The Maldives

Now this is one of the ones I don’t see happening anytime soon. The Maldives just looks like paradise and so beautiful. The beautiful beaches and the clear water just looks like the perfect location to de stress and have some relaxation time.

8. Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights there are so many reasons why I would want to go to Iceland not to mention the beautiful cities there too.

9. Whistlers, Canada

Whenever I normally go away, it’s to somewhere warmer rather than colder. Thought this one was a bit different and the scenery looks incredible. I have also never been skiing and have always wanted to try it.

10. Santorini

The buildings, the beaches and the view. There are so many reasons why I want to go here.

So this is my current top 10 places that I want to visit. If anyone has been to any of these places I would love to hear any recommendations. As hopefully I will get to visit soon.