So on Sunday’s I like to catch up with blog posts I haven’t had chance to read throughout the week. This morning while I was doing this I noticed that I always seem to go back to the same bloggers a lot this month. So I thought I would write a post about my favourite blogs of the month.

catching up on my favourite blogs

Annie Writes Beauty

Annie Writes Beauty is the place I go for beauty reviews. Annie does fairly in depth review about certain products or ranges. One of my favourites is the blog post she did about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Em Talks

Em’s blog includes fitness, fashion, beauty and travel as well as other things. One of my favourite blog post she did recently was about the best of leeds restaurant week. This was useful to me as it gave me a lot of inspiration of new places to eat locally.

Rhianna Olivia

What I love about Rhianna is her personal post and blog advice. If you need help from blog props to how to speak to brands and sponsored posts, this is the blog for you. I’ve used so many of her tips to improve my blog. You can see Rhianna’s blog here.

The Kitty Luxe

The Kitty Luxe was one of the first blogs I started to read after finding her on Instagram. Her photography is so good especially as she only uses and Iphone for her photos. As well I just love her style. The blog includes many different categories including Fashion, Beauty, Travel and blogging tips. You can check out the Kitty Luxe here.

Hand Luggage Only

Now this is probably my favourite travel blog. It just makes my wanderlust go extreme! Their photography is incredible and just makes me want to visit so many places I would never have thought about before. There posts are also really informative and give lots of suggestions of what to do while you are in a certain place which is very useful. If you need travel inspiration or advice it is definitely the blog to visit.