Flights can be so expensive for many reasons. You’re travelling at peak times, not being flexible and many other reasons. There are some things you can do to try cut the costs of flights.

how to find cheap flights  Private Browsing

Prices of flights can change from time to time. Maybe if you’ve been looking at these flights multiple times. This is due to the cookies on your browser. When searching, always go into incognito or private browsing to see the cheapest options.

Use flight search engines

Rather than looking at certain flight companies use flight search engines such as skyscanner or kayak to help search for the cheapest flights as it will look through all different airlines.

Be Flexible

Flights change depending on different days and locations. Can go on a different  day? Check all possible days. Theres another airport close enough by? Check there too. You’ll be surprised how much difference there can really be from going one day to another or another airport not far away.

Longer layovers

If you are taking a long haul flight consider taking two separate flights. Also when booking layovers do not have the flights only a couple hours apart. Try a couple of days. Then not only may you get cheaper flights, you get to visit an extra destination too!

Airline error fares

Unfortunately these are rare and don’t come around often but when they do they’re great! it could take hours to potentially find one maybe none. The best site that I have found to show error fares is Holiday Pirates.

Off Season

If you aren’t too bothered about what time of year you go. Then going off season could be a good choice. Not only because flights are likely to be cheaper but also the places you visit are also likely to be quieter.


When I went travelling for the first time, I wasn’t very prepared. I’ve now found and heard of so many travel apps I wish I had heard of before I had gone travelling. So I thought I would list my favourite travel apps to help you ( or even remind myself at a later date) when next travelling.


Skyscanner is one of the best apps I have tried to find cheap flights. It allows you to search through thousands of different airlines for some of the cheapest fares. It is best for travellers who are flexible with their dates as well as locations.

Skyscanner not only have an app but a website too.


Kayak is similar to skyscanner as you can search for cheap flights to different locations. You can also as well use the explore tool on the app to find locations you can travel to from your current location on your budget. There is also a feature that I really like on the website that allows you to look for certain types of locations to travel to. This could be anything like amazing beaches, romantic locations and lots of others.

Kayak also has a website. 

kayak flights page travel app


AirBnb is a great app to use to easily find accommodation. This could be anything from a single room to a whole house or for short term or long term lets. AirBnB is easy to use and is great for when you are needing to find last minute accommodation.


Now this is one of the only apps I knew about before I went away. And honestly it was a lifesaver. I am one of the most unorganised people and I would use this app pretty much anytime I would move to the next place while I was travelling. It is great for last minute accommodation especially on a budget.

Hostelworld page travel app

Wifi Finder

Now I have only recently heard of this app and wish I’d found it sooner! This app allows you to find either paid or free wifi easily.


Now this is one of my favourite apps. Not only for travelling but for home too. Foodspotting allows you to find restaurants nearby and tells you where they are, if people loved it as well as photos of the food. One of the easiest way to find good places to eat.

cup and cake on foodspotting travel app