Hi i’m Hannah and I’m a serial binge watcher.

I mean you’ll probably know this if you follow me on twitter after I got sucked in to watching stranger things and watched both series in 2 and a half days.

post on twitter about binge watching stranger things

So when Panasonic contacted me about writing about my most binge watchable tv shows. I just thought this was definitely my cup of tea! So this post is in collaboration with Panasonic HDR 4K TV.

Hopefully you have a lot more self control than I do, and are able to continue everyday life and not stay up to stupid times in the morning being unable to stop watching.

Anyway here are my recent favourite tv shows to binge watch:

Stranger Things

Now how could I not mention this one. I watched the whole first season in a day and the second season didn’t take much longer. I’m a huge fan! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it. But I loved it! If you are into the 80’s or sci fi, it’s definitely a show you need to watch. Can’t wait for season 3. Hopefully Will will get the chance to have a good day for once.


Now I blame my mum for this one. She was addicted to Suits when she first started watching it and also got me hooked. If you love a good comedy or drama you’ll love suits. And it’s a great binge tv programme with seven season so it sound keep even the least self controlled binge watcher going a while! Season 8 is due to be out summer next year which means even more to watch!

Teen Wolf

Now Teen Wolf was a show that didn’t interest me for a long time. Then Shelby posted about Teen Wolf and especially Dylan O’brien. So I gave it a go and got hooked! If you like supernatural shows as well as comedy dramas you’ll probably like this. All six season are on netflix too. So if you are needing a funny but also action/ horror programme to watch you should give Teen Wolf a go.

Parks and Recreations

Now I know I’m late to this one but it’s too good not to mention. I have watched this show multiple times but it’s always one of my go-to’s when I’m feeling a bit down and need a bit of a pick me up. Honestly one of the funniest tv programmes I’ve ever watched! It is about the weird antic’s that public officials of the town of Pawnee get up to as they try to make their town a better place. My favourite character is 100% Ron Swanson.

Thank you to Panasonic¬†for sponsoring this post. If you have anymore favourite shows to binge watch I’d love to know. I feel like I’ve managed to binge watch everything and would love to have some more stuff to watch.

This post was sponsored by Panasonic.